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Reddit Wins the /superbowl

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The Super Bowl is a huge deal in America. People gather laden with fattening snacks and painted faces to communally scream at the television. Super Bowl parties are rowdy by nature. It's the trend to get overly-invested. Something about big men smashing into one another instills watchers with a primal sense of fanaticism.

While the sporting event is passed, leaving half the nation with the bitter taste of defeat and the other half with a gloating sense of glory, it hasn't been forgotten. The ever-popular commercials are circulating YouTube and Lady Gaga's halftime show remains the talk of the town.

An interesting subsection of the internet has found a way to infiltrate the sporting festivities in a way only neckbeards ... er ... Redditors can. They've created a hilarious subreddit.

Introducing /superbowl, a subreddit dedicated to superb owls. There's even a tribute to Lady Gaga's half-time show.

Superb Owl Gaga from Superbowl

Now the optimists among you may simply assume that the subreddit was created by a lover of owls, someone who appreciates the graceful beauty of these birds of prey. An experienced Redditor instinctually knows, however, that it was created for the sole purpose of confusing those who are legitimately looking for Super Bowl news.

Unsuspecting visitors expressed their confusion on the subreddit, though their honesty fanned the flames of joy for internet trolls.

It honestly took me 11 minutes of thinking to figure out the meaning of this subs Name.... from Superbowl 

I just came to this subreddit looking for, well, I guess you know from Superbowl

Sorry if this is a stupid question but why is everyone posting owls from Superbowl

Is this subreddit for superb owls or the superbowl? from Superbowl

Some Redditors responded to the very understandable confusion with scorn.

MFW someone posts about football from Superbowl

Diligent subscribers to the subreddit were whipped into a frenzy by the approach of the legitimate Super Bowl. The upcoming sporting event gave Redditors a chance to play up the name of the /superbowl subreddit.

We should get this subreddit trending tomorrow! from Superbowl

Suggest snack food for superbowl from Superbowl

My body is ready for some football from Superbowl

Mods are asleep. Post football superb owl pics. from Superbowl

The American football event came to a close with the New England Patriots winning against the Atlanta Falcons 34 to 28. Redditors responded with a couple choice posts.

Falcons Projected to have Tough Time with Superbowl from Superbowl

a Superb Owl getting owned by Falcon from Superbowl

The humour of the coincidental situation was enough to earn /superbowl the title Subreddit of the Day on 5th of February. The group responsible for handing out the title, /subredditoftheday, put together an owl-filled post to commemorate the occasion.


For those who are unfamiliar with subreddits, they are small communities within the larger Reddit message board. Google defines a subreddit as "a forum dedicated to a specific topic on the website Reddit." Subreddits can be created for any topic imaginable, from the baffling madness of /enlightenedbirdmen to the scintillating discussion of /debatefacisim.

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