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Wendy's Has Given Us 2017's First Memorable Twitter Drama

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Wendy's is one of the more well known of the 7.3 million different fast food outlets which populate the United States, constantly growing in number, waiting for the day that all the humans eat themselves to death and they can claim the nation for their own, as was foretold. What sets Wendy's apart, aside from the 'Frosty', which looks to me like a regular milkshake but apparently isn't, is their Twitter game, which is strong.

In the past they've implied that McDonald's is garbage, roasted whiny customers and, most recently, shut down a troll in spectacular fashion. The troll in question was one Thuggy-D, who is probably neither Thuggy, nor D in real life. He went after one of their tweets, suggesting that their 'Fresh, never frozen' slogan was a lie, and that their beef did indeed come from a freezer. Wendy's bit back, assuring that their beef is delivered fresh, but Thuggy-D didn't let up, and you can see how well that went for him:

That is, I think you'll agree, some grade-A freezer burn right there. It helps that Thuggy is clearly a few Ds short of a maglite, but even with that in mind it's pretty impressive. What came next however, was not.

Hot on the heels of their amusing riposte, Wendy's replied to another user who had simply asked if they had any memes on the go. They responded with a twist on a common theme, a reworking Pepe the Frog with the classic Wendy's red pigtails. Yeah, Pepe the Frog, the character who was recently co-opted by white supremacists. Swing and a miss.

After swiftly removing the tweet, Wendy's claimed that they had been unaware of Pepe's recent transformation. It holds up, something tells me that Wendy's isn't secretly being run by the alt-right, and fair play to them for owning their mistakes.

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