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Introducing Snapchat's First Curated Geofilter Collection

Snapchat have been having all kinds of fun with their geofilters more or less since the option became available, as have the people making them. From the kooky to the politically polarising to the downright weird, we've seen it all. What we hadn't seen, at least up until now, was an actual curated gallery of geofilters.

I know what you're thinking - "I don't understand what that is." Fair enough, it takes some getting your head around. Basically, to coincide with Miami Art Week 2016, online art fanatic haven Artsy has curated 13 different geofilters made by artists, and only available for as long as the event is running.

This is an interesting example of the geofilter function being used for something other than marketing. Typically, geofilters are employed in order to promote some product or brand in a certain area to boost local interest, but in this case the aim was to bridge the gap between Snapchat users and contemporary artists.

This isn't the first time we've seen Snapchat pull a move like this, several lenses have also been created by artists, but content has never been curated in this way before, and it could well be the beginning of a trend.

The artists behind the filters aren't exactly little known, either. Included among them are expressionist Katherine Bernhardt, photographer Petra Collins and digital and video artist Chloe Wise. Depending on how au fait they were with this kind of thing, the artists either did it all themselves, or tasked Artsy with transitioning their work from the canvas to the snap.

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