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Banning the Boss - Twitter Suspends Own CEO Jack Dorsey

We know Twitter's been struggling recently, whether with curing its troll infestation or its plummeting stock prices. However, even given its troublesome travails, giving its CEO a taste of the banhammer seems a little harsh, no? Yet that's what just happened, albeit accidentally.

Today, with absolutely no ceremony, CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was completely suspended:

Thankfully, for Dorsey, within just a couple of hours the mistake was noticed and rectified, with the Twitter CEO trying to joke it off with a callback to his very first tweet:
Yet despite the levity, Dorsey must be at least a little miffed, with his follower numbers dropping by a whopping 700,000. Surely all of these can't have been down to the suspension, so perhaps the same technical glitch that banned the head honcho in the first place is to blame for the huge dropoff.

It's not the first time Twitter has given Dorsey the cold shoulder. Back in 2008, the board essentially fired him due to their issues with his management style, leaving him with only a "passive chairman role and a silent board seat." Before that, he had been integral to the inception and development of the platform. Yet just as this account suspension was temporary, Dorsey weedled his way back into the company as Executive Chairman in 2010, before eventually returning to the CEO role last year.

Dorsey's not the only one being banned at the moment, with some much more justifiable targets feeling the wrath of Twitter as the company continues to implement further measures to deal with trolls. This is particularly pertinent in the current political climate, with "alt-right" trolls seeming to take some legitimacy from it and spewing hate speech online. Those targeted include the white nationalist Richard Spencer, supposed “founder of the alt-right.”

Twitter's not the only social network struggling with its CEO-targeting tendencies, with
facebook killing Zuckerberg, along with everyone else in the world. Could this be the first signs of an internet AI insurrection? Or perhaps the latest Russian cyberwarfare tactic? Regardless, let's hope Twitter doesn't get put off from swinging the banhammer, just maybe a little more discriminately.

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  1. What does alt-right have with white nationalists? Nationalism is everything alt-right is NOT about yet you try to label those two worldview with one tag. Why?


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