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Snapchat is One of National Geographic’s Star Players for Driving Revenue

With vast popularity amongst millennials, and video view counts to rival the likes of Facebook, it is no surprise that Snapchat is proving profitable for National Geographic, one of Snapchat’s primary media partners.

Speaking last week at FIPP Asia, Ariel Deiaco-Lohr, who is the director of International magazine publishing at National Geographic Partners, claimed that “Snapchat is now one of our key revenue drivers on social media”.

The app’s popularity with millennials means that National Geographic is able to reach audiences they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach, whilst it’s accessibility via smartphones means that audiences can be reached whenever and wherever they happen to be. It is therefore unsurprising that Snapchat is already driving revenue for the science and education based business.

When Snapchat first started out it was primarily a one-to-one private messaging service used mainly by college students. However, the addition of ‘Stories’ in October 2013, followed by ‘Our Stories’ in June 2014 began to attract the attention of publishers.

In January 2015, Snapchat introduced the ‘Discover’ feature, taking the game to a whole new level filled with potential for publishers hungry for exposure. By the time Snapchat moved its ‘Discover’ feature to a more prominent position in the app, doubling its daily users to one million in just two weeks, publishers were fighting for a spot on this hallowed Snapchat newsreel.

Rajiv Mody, VP of social media at National Geographic said “We started talking with Snapchat about [Discover] in the late part of 2014. Back then it was just an experiment. I don’t think it’s cannibalizing anything else. Snapchat is a new growth opportunity for us… I say it’s a very high priority”.

As a company specialising in geography, history and world culture, profits made by the National Geographic through media outlets such as  Snapchat are put back into the business to fund research and the explores used to create content that keep us watching, reading and sharing.

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