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Prince's Paisley Park Studio Opens Up on Social Media

Paisley Park, Prince's former dwelling/studio, is soon going to be opened up to the public. Before that, though, it's opening up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Primarily, these pages are acting as a whiteboard for fans to post tributes to the deceased musician and further honour his memory. The pages will also act as a news source.

The Facebook page contains a 'digital hub' for fan artwork called The Fence, an accompaniment to the actual, physical exhibit at Paisley Park. Prince was famously erratic on social media, creating accounts and abandoning them at well. His 'Princestagram' Instagram account was probably the most successful.

The actual tours of Paisley Park will be comprehensive, allowing visitors to see every room, studio and otherwise applicable square inch of the property. A huge amount of Prince memorabilia will be on display, and people will be seeing the birthplace of most of his biggest hits.

Presumably, events being organised at Paisley Park, updates to the tour availability and more will all be available through the channels, but if they're clever they'll offer more extensive material, like virtual tours and live feeds. Minneapolis is a long way to travel to see the inside of Prince's inner sanctum, bringing a taste of it onto social media would make a lot of fans (including this one) very happy.

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