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Hashtag Tool Dehaze Rebranded as Focalmark

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Dehaze, an online tool that curates type- and location-specific hashtags, was released two months ago by developer and photographer Nick Smith. Recently, the application was rebranded as Focalmark and released as an app for Android and iOS. The web application has not been taken offline, but is now operating in conjunction with the app.

Focalmark was created with the avid Instagram user in mind. It makes the mind-numbing task of adding hashtags to photos a little bit easier by providing a bank of hashtags for each category listed in the app. Selecting different categories will yield a paragraph's worth of hashtag gold which can be copied straight from the app. Topping off that charming foodie picture with human-curated hashtags (that you otherwise would not have thought of) will inevitably lead to more likes, follows, and attention. Then, you win Instagram!

To get the most out of Focalmark, you must first understand how to use it. Let's use a portrait for example. If it's a run-of-the-mill selfie, it will fall under a single category; if, however, it is taken in front of an architectural monument, it can be tied to two categories: Portrait and Architecture.

Once the categories are filtered through, the next option is to add location-specific hashtags. If you'd rather not reveal that information, this step can be skipped. Once you've reached the end, a list hashtags relevant to your picture can be copied, opened in Instgram, or you can start the process over. It's that simple.

Upon launch, the beta application was marketed to photographers struggling to find hashtags. Initially, Dehaze had 19 locations and 14 categories. After much research and some feedback, Focalmark was born. With the rebrand, Smith has added 50 additional locations to the app and promised that hashtags will be updated weekly. This means that trending hashtags will get the attention they deserve, hopefully keeping the app and its users relevant.

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