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GIF Maker Integrated into iMessage - Thanks Tumblr

Tumblr has released a new app, and it is everything that GIF enthusiasts have been dreaming of: a mobile-based GIF maker. The iMessage extension is affiliated with Tumblr only in name; anyone can use the app, regardless of whether you use the video-and-picture-based blogging platform or not.

Who better to create an organically-integrated mobile GIF Maker than Tumblr where daily GIF postings top the charts at 23 million. Mysteriously, making GIFs on the photo-and-video blogging website was not possible without fiddling around with a webcam. However, they've lived up to their legacy in the GIF-dom by ensuring that the beloved video loops are now simple to create. The extension, currently available through the latest update of the Tumblr iOS app, is only available through iMessage. Tumblr says that they're working on the Android equivalent.

Apple has added a GIF search function as a part of their iOS 10 update. So now, iPhone users can add them to their messages. With Tumblr's extension, GIFs can be created and added all through the iMessage app. Having this tool puts personal expression at your fingertips. Convenient and creative!

The Tumblr iMessage app gives the option to add text and emojis, customize auto-play function, or even star in your own creation using the app's GIF camera. Opening the GIF camera prompts the user to shoot a video. If you want to use an existing clip or Live Photos and bursts, that's also an option. Regardless of your choice, the editing process is the same for both. You choose what parts of the video you'd like to include, making it into a 3-second clip by trimming the excess. After trimming, you have the choice to sped up or slow down the clip, make it loop, bounce, or play backwards. Now that your GIF looks more presentable, it can be further customized with coloured text, which can be sized, or emojis. And there you have it! The GIF will be saved to your iPhone and be available in iMessage to send.

According to Digital Trends, iPhone models 5S and older do not support the extension.

Now, you might be thinking, there are numerous ways to make GIFs online. You're right. There couldn't have been a GIF revolution without the proper tools for internet-dwellers to express themselves in hilarious, sad, touching, disturbing animated loops. Tumblr's version allows you to access your personal photos/videos in a form of expression that has not yet become mainstream. This tool is, hopefully, the first in a new wave of digital language.

I will not fight the future

Some Useful Information

A GIF, graphics interchangeable format, has become a staple of online conversation in our technologically-minded society. Much in the way emojis are the future of communication and expression, so too is the correct usage of GIFs. They usually feature pop culture icons, commercials, or celebrities to convey a poignant message. People are so adamantly for GIF-culture that when the battle over its pronunciation went public, it wasn't pretty. If you're one of those people... Just click the link to hear the correct way to pronounce GIF (it's a hard G people).

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