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Damn Daniel Video Goes Viral For the Second Time

Who could forget the oh-so-memorable, inexplicably popular video Damn, Daniel? He invaded hearts, inspired memes, and took over YouTube with his white vans and effortless style. Currently, the video has over 14 million views.  Watch it here if you haven't yet. The video isn't anything spectacular, just friend, Josh, filming Daniel on different days in various outfits. In each Snapchat video, the friend comments on Daniel's outfit with a "Damn, Daniel," usually drawing attention to his white Vans.

And guess who's back? Not Slim Shady, though I won't fault you for that guess.

Historically, viral videos have re-classed ordinary people as internet famous. LG is remaking a few choice videos as commercials to showcase the LG V20's camera and audio capabilities. Aside from having a handful of fun camera features, the phone has a 16-megapixel main lens and an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens. These cameras jointly offer a high quality capture experience, one that would enhance even old classics like Damn, Daniel, says LG to Digital Trends.

Digital Trends was allowed to release LG's first revamped video on Facebook a day ahead of its release on LG's site (watch it here). They've definitely put their own spin on the video, setting Daniel and Josh in a school amidst a white piano and a mostly-shirtless 90's R&B group singing a remastered version of "Damn, Daniel," with the lyrics appearing in the trademark Snapchat black text box.

My feelings towards the video? Wow. What a burst of flavour! What an inventive idea! And, I have to say, the video was unbelievably smooth for being recorded on a phone. The audio quality was amazing as well.

LG has said that the entire commercial was shot and recorded with the device in order to demonstrate the V20's great potential. They've taken advantage of their 90's R&B group by filming tutorials covering a few features that truly set it apart from the competition (wide angle, steady recording, and hi-fi audio).

The LG V20 is supposedly one of the better phones to hit the market at the moment. It will be the first phone released with Andorid 7.0 Nougat preloaded. With Apple's disastrous decision to do away with headphone jacks and Samsung's defective Note 7's, the V20 is slotted to hit the market at an optimal time.

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