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How Micro-Influencers Are Changing the Framework of Social Media Marketing

Product placement has been around for ages; it's been used in all kinds of media over the years, the Transformers movies are a painful example of that - "These Transformers could be anything, they could even be a set of Beats speakers, that is BEATS SPEAKERS, leave this cinema and buy some BEATS SPEAKERS and carry them home in this Nike cap". But I don't want to..."shhh eat this bag of Oreo's".
People are now getting tired of it, so cue the micro-influencers.

AllSaints social media manager, Cass Gowing, has spoken of the importance of micro-influencers as a new tool to communicate directly to customers:
'You know when you see Kim Kardashian posing with her teeth whitener, people aren't thinking that she really loves that product, so we're going back to the basics'.

And she's totally right, we can see the evidence in Instagram's attempt to muscle Snapchat out of business. Snapchat is more private, it's unusual for people to be public on Snapchat unless they're famous. Instagram is more public and it's unusual to see people with a private account. That privacy kind of validates the product they're endorsing, and micro-influencers growing popularity stems from the style of direct communication that social media platforms are now adopting.

What is going to become the best platform for this? Instagram's update is pretty much identical to Snapchat stories but will it actually gain any traction? Right now no-one wants to fall behind, so virtually all brands have grabbed the update with both their Insta-hands and ran with it. Is this initial push for organisations to master this update enough to shove Snapchat out the race? Or at least out of the race for micro-influencers. Facebook owns Instagram so FB isn't a concern. Twitter is out too as its style is further removed from the social groups that Instagram and Snapchat engage with - people who are likely to take your word e.g:
Jack: "I love these jeans".
Me: Jack loves those jeans, I trust jack, I'll buy these jeans.
Ashton Kutcher: I love these jeans
Me: Go. Away. Ashton.

It's similar to the way most retailers are now engaging with customers. Starbucks for instance; remembering the regulars is a direct way of engaging with the customers, so is writing their names on the cups - even if they write "Camel" instead of Cameron.

AllSaints is another example; they, among other stores, welcome customers into the shop and engage with them directly. This personal level of engagement is something that social media platforms (SMPs) are doing, and brands are really beginning to notice how effective it is.

Brands are now looking for people with less than 1,000 followers to promote their product; it seems that 'less is better' is becoming the ethos for promotion. Basically, SMPs attempts to tailor towards micro-influencers is a way of making your experience more real, and the more real it is the more likely I am to buy those Beats.

Cameron Sutherland

Cameron is a journalism and public relations student, powered by flat whites, George Orwell and a dash of Kanye West. Follow him @SongbirdCameron

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