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Instagram Stories Changes the Age Gap

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Instagram's most recent update was released with a bang and you're not likely to find very many people who haven't heard about it. Some people are unimpressed and are just calling it a Snapchat ripoff whilst others are pointing out that while it is similar, it's better.
Instagram introduced this feature in the hope of encouraging users to use their services more. So how are they doing so far?

The feature does have more users accessing it than first expected but what users are using it for depends on age, although the skew isn't exactly going in the direction anyone assumed it would. When it comes to Snapchat, you mostly think of teenagers. Some adults use it too and some of them do it well but it's still very much an app for young people. Instagram does have its teenage users but they don't always use it as regularly as they use Snapchat, it's more like something you check now and then. However, you'd think this Stories feature might draw teenage users back and it kind of has, but only so they can send pictures asking users to add them on Snapchat. Stories are being used as a place to advertise, a place where some users are hoping to find people who will want to look at their pictures on a different service.

Teenagers aren't all Instagram has though and funnily enough, adults seem to actually like Stories. Snapchat is popular with young people for more than just the fact they can send lots of pictures that get deleted. They also love that they're not so likely to find their parents or other adult family members on there. The reason not as many adults use Snapchat is because they don't tend to pick up on how to use it straight away, they often find it confusing initially and that can make them not want to use it. The Instagram Stories interface is a lot clearer and easier to use so they've taken to it with open arms. Where Stories is getting good reviews, it's because of the simplicity so maybe that's something Snapchat could actually learn from this.

Until there are actual statistics we won't know whether there really is a large age gap or whether it just seems like it as people get used to the new feature. There is still a chance that users will get bored with Stories and just go back to Snapchat but at the moment it might hang on, if only for the adults to use.

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