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Can LinkedIn Be Used to Find Professionals Romance?

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We all know that LinkedIn can be used to help you find a job. You can cultivate business contacts and build your own company up if you want. But is that the only way people socialise on there? It turns out, no.

I'm not saying get on LinkedIn if you're looking for love with a professional. You do that and you can risk getting in trouble, but that doesn't mean that something can't happen. If you're networking then you might start talking about business and hit it off more generally. No one's going to be mad if you exchange contact details and start dating later. Relationships start in the workplace all the time, you just have to remember that LinkedIn is like that too. Treat people you meet on there respectfully as if you're at work, but if you become friends or start flirting remember you can take it elsewhere.

Something like this was bound to happen. It's called social media for a reason. LinkedIn isn't going to turn into a dating service anytime soon but we'd do well to remember that any relationships on there whether business or more are real. You're entitled to break off a business meeting if they hit on you and make you feel uncomfortable but you can also realise that you might not want a professional relationship but do want something personal. If there is some place to talk online then you aren't only going to talk about the things you're meant to after all.

All this comes down to is the fact people need relationships in all forms and that's why we have social media. It's not explicitly to date or to find work but that doesn't mean some services don't focus on it. You'll get people using dating apps to find friends just like you'll find people looking for dates on LinkedIn. All you have to remember is to respect the rules of the service and on LinkedIn, that means to try and keep things professional whilst you're contacting someone on there. There's nothing saying you can only talk there and nowhere else.

So yes, LinkedIn can be used to find romance but people within the company don't want their users to focus on that aspect. If you get lucky you might find both a job and partner on LinkedIn, but you also might not find either and that should be okay too.

Rosina is a Songbird writer with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is glad to be playing around with apps and writing about them in the mean time! Follow her @Songbird_Rosina

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