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Messenger is the Third Facebook App to Boast One Billion Active Users

Facebook appears to be doing well in their mobile takeover. More and more people are installing Messenger on their phones and that has meant that Messenger is now one of their most popular apps Along with Whatsapp and the flagship Facebook app, Messenger now has one billion active users on the service monthly. That's a huge amount of users but it's not all mobile users quite yet.

The reason that Messenger is doing so well isn't just that it's a Facebook app which helps or that it allows you to message friends over wi-fi, which is something that nearly every messaging app does. What makes Messenger so attractive are the other services it provides. On Messenger you can call an Uber, you can play mini-games every now then and even shop on there. There is a massive amount of things you can do on Messenger, way more than you can do on any other app, which is going to be attractive to people who don't wish to switch between apps. As well as this Facebook have recently made it impossible to check your messages on the mobile internet normally as well as on the flagship app so now users who wish to check their messages whilst they're out and about have to install Messenger. It was thought that maybe this would put some users off, but if it has then it hasn't really had a detrimental effect.

Messenger is still growing though and that won't stop anytime soon. Facebook was clearly serious when they said they wanted to take over phones and though that seems impossible, it is becoming more likely. The steps Facebook are making may still technically be small ones but one day if they can essentially make a Facebook operating system for mobiles, then Android and iOS might be in trouble. For now, though, Messaging is getting bigger and better and the users will likely keep on growing.

There are so many bots available now on Messenger and most of them aren't as bad as they were when they were first released. Bots, customer service and the ability to be able to message friends who don't even have Facebook now are all really useful features and it's likely that Facebook's active users will continue to grow.

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