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Finally We Can See How Live Sports Will Look On Twitter

Back in April, it was announced that Twitter had won the right to stream Thursday night football. Since then we haven't heard anything, and we've had no idea how Twitter will handle streaming football. But now the time has come for us to see how it might work as Twitter is streaming some of Wimbledon.

For those who don't know, Wimbledon is one of the biggest events on the Tennis calendar. It's popular worldwide, so people who wish to watch it, but can't travel there need some way to view it. In the US, ESPN has the rights to show Wimbledon matches so this means Twitter can't air everything, but they can show something. At the moment that's mostly been live interviews but it gives us the chance to see how these Twitter streams might work.

To find the stream you have to click through a link that will usually have been tweeted and that will take you to the page. There will be a little red block saying live and the screen. This screen will take over the top of the page and underneath you'll see relevant tweets to the event.

When I clicked on a link during a period of time where there was no stream, the page appeared differently. The video screen was a small square on the left, but you could still see the regular stream of tweets on the right. This is interesting as it means that the streams aren't saved but they are always accessible.

Not everything about this stream attempt is perfect but it is a test run. Twitter aren't completely sure how they're going to be managing the football streams yet, but they know there will definitely be more than interviews. The layout itself might not change much as it does work well but no one can say for certain.

Either way, Twitter are working hard to make streaming and this future football experience good for all viewers. Showing the tweets will help encourage users to interact, which is why Twitter is the best service for watching things like sports on. A lot of people like to talk about sports as they watch it on Twitter and if you want to watch the stream and keep an eye on the conversation then this will be the ideal way.

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