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Business Pages on Instagram Now Allow Comment Moderation

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Comments on social media services like Instagram can be pretty horrible. If people think they can say whatever they want online, then they will, and there often isn't much you can do about it apart from reporting the comment. Instagram have now decided to make a change to how comments are moderated by allowing business pages to moderate their own comments so that comments with certain words and phrases in will be blocked.

To be a business page on Instagram, you just have to turn on the option. It won't do much for you unless you're a very popular account or an actual business. If you do have a business page, then you can go into your options and tap the comment moderation option.

You can turn the moderation on and then Instagram will block messages with words that you report a lot. This is probably to prevent users from reporting a lot of comments that all have to be moderated. That would take a lot of time, especially as accounts with a lot of followers will have a lot of comments to trawl through.

The comment moderation option is very basic and you could probably get something more precise if you buy separate management software, but not everyone can afford to do so, especially if your business is just starting off the ground. The comment moderation that Instagram are providing could be helpful, but it might just take a little time where you have to report scams and offensive comments before Instagram actually starts blocking them.

It is kind of difficult to moderate comments on Instagram admittedly. There's no easy way to search for comments and anyone can make an account without having to share their real name or even their face. Anyone can be anyone and they can say anything.

This new moderation option will help a little, but even though it's already rolled out, it will take a little time for it to start making a difference. We don't know if they'll ever roll this option out to all users but it will provide the most assistance to businesses. If a company wants to be taken seriously, they can't be seen as having a load of rubbish on their Instagram. So if you do have a business account on Instagram, you might want to turn on this feature now.

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