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Bumble Are Moving Into Business With Bizz

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Dating app Bumble is one of the best-known dating apps out there. What you might not know is that Bumble is trying to sell a few spin-off features. A few months ago there was Bumble BFF, and now Bumble has moved into business networking with Bumble Bizz.

So what is this actually going to mean? Well, first of all, this isn't a new app, but a new feature. When you're in business - or BFF - mode you don't have to worry about getting messages from potential new dates and vice versa. This means you don't have to worry about sending a potential business party something intimate and therefore scaring them off.

With your new Bumble Bizz mode, you'll also get a new profile for networking with, which will include information on where you work, what industry you're in and your education is. Using this and your location Bumble Bizz will people near you in the same industry that you can get to know and users can swipe through them. As tradition dictates on Bumble, women do need to initiate the conversation if interacting with a man. No matter who you're searching for on Bumble as a dating app, women can interact with either men or other women on the business side of things.

To me, this sounds like a pretty good idea, as it means Bumble is doing more than just helping you find dates. The company CEO Whitney Wolfe has actually said that Bumble has always planned on moving into both friendship and business as well as dating. Dating, friendship and work are three of the most important aspects of a person's life and this makes Bumble one of the most important apps out there for women too.

At the moment Tinder still has many more active users than Bumble without having expanded at all. But with Bumble's additions, more and more users may think about installing Bumble even if they aren't looking for love. It might not have the same reputation as Tinder, as it's newer, but it's certainly doing well for itself and Bumble seems to know what they're doing.

This new feature isn't going to be officially launched until the autumn.

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