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Bubble Wants to Help Babysitters and Parents Find Each Other

If you're looking for a babysitter then you're looking for someone you trust with your child. You'll want to know that they're safe whilst you're out and that you can trust the person to look after them the way you would. That isn't always easy but generally, you can trust both babysitting services and friends to look after your children. Bubble is hoping to turn this friendship recommendation into a safe app.

The idea of Bubble is that both parents and babysitters register to the app. You can connect to your Facebook but don't need to and they'll look through all your contacts to see if they can find any babysitters used by friends also on the app. If you don't want to use Facebook then Bubble looks into the local area and you can stamp your child's profile with their nursery or school which may help you find a sitter also. If you think a friend should use the app, then you have a unique referral code to get them on the app too. You can contact sitters through the app and then rate them afterwards. As well as this the sitters can rate you so if you treat them badly, other sitters will know. As well as this because you find your sitter through connections, you can message whoever recommended that sitter and ask for them to vouch for them.

Though you can choose not to connect to Facebook, it is encouraged that you do. The more connected you are the better as users are actually verified in a crowd-sourced process. They look through their contacts, how often they send messages and how they send them and so on. As well as the parents being verified, the sitters are too and they have to share the qualifications and things. This is all very practical and it's the way Bubble is trying to be the safest way to find sitters. However, qualifications and recommendations aside that doesn't mean that someone is definitely going to be safe. Sometimes you just don't know what someone could be doing or like until it's too late. This is going to be a risk no matter who you ask to look after your kids though so it might still be worth checking out.

Bubble has only been released in London so far, but in the future, it should be released across the rest of the country and then probably internationally

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