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Instagram Update Adds Video Collections to Boost Views

We know, Instagram. You want to stay relevant and continue to top the social media pyramid for millennials versus, say, Snapchat. With this latest development, they've stepped up their game.

Through the Explore section of the app, a new "picked for you" section will show video content tailored to individual interests. These recommended video collections will cover a single topic, ranging from general to specialist hobbies, rather than a mish-mosh of content which, while stimulating, is mostly random. Specific collections, or channels, will now be a mainstay in the Explore section.


Not a new feature, video channels were added in April, but have since received an update to streamline viewer experience. With it, Instagram added "videos you might like" which has now been upgraded to a "picked for you" feed. At the moment, there are 23 categories to view with more on the way. Algorithmically-generated, these channels cover anything from comedians to special effects makeup, and are unique to each user. Apparently, since the addition of video content, the time spent watching video has increased by 150 percent in the past six months.

Video channels will appear embedded on the Explore page alongside thumbnails of still photos. Upon selecting one of these channels, a collection of videos plays one after the other without prompting from the viewer. This guarantees views without requiring users to actively participate making for a television-like experience, curated by Instagram.

For now, the update will remain in America, though Instagram 7.20 will eventually grace the world with its presence. Thanks to the update, users can expect to see relevant topics of interest more prevalent in video on the Explore section.

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