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Instagram Game 'Rick and Morty Rickstaverse' Gets Expansion for Season 3

Created in 2013, Rick and Morty premiered on Adult Swim as an animated science fiction sitcom for adults. After being signed on for a 10-episode first season and renewed for a second, the critically-acclaimed show is now returning to Adult Swim for its third season. In the meantime, check out the show's Instagram-based game Rickastaverse. Just recently, the game got an expansion to tantalise fans in anticipation of Season 3, set to release by the end of 2016.

Carrot Creative, Adult Swim's agency, is responsible for creation of the game which launched last July in conjunction with Season 2. The newest expansion is dubbed "Interdimensional Cable Adventures," and was modeled after episodes featuring the Interdimensional Cable (Rixty Minutes, Something Ricked This Way Comes, debatable, and Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate). In the expansion, 20 new levels and a new collectible have been added.

From its beginning, the show has been enmeshed in Instagram. One of the episodes from Season 1 debuted in 15-second clips on Instagram, totaling over 100 clips. It called on followers, 421,000 strong, to rise to the challenge of getting through the full episode on this medium. Embracing their Instagram presence, game creators crafted it to be the first of its kind: an Instagram game. The massive success of Rickstaverse, 78,000 follows in one week, coupled with the potential to add content at any point in the future got the game nominated for the Shorty Awards for best use of social media.

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Take off on an intergalactic adventure straight from the @RickandMortyRickstaverse Instagram page. The photo-grid layout is used to paint a segmented picture of the galaxy, as though looking at a single image through a window. Selecting a picture will bring up tags, some harder to find than others, linking you to other accounts. Each of the accounts created for the game, feature different stretches of universe and worlds to explore. It's an endless loop, reminiscent of the show, with 120 different accounts and 1200 high-quality 1080p HD images to take your own travels through 11 worlds featured in the show. It takes some real dedication to explore the vastness of the Rick and Morty universe, but fans are rewarded with Easter eggs, comics, collectibles and several video outcomes. If this all sounds a bit weird, Adult Swim created a short video explaining how the game works.


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