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The League Dating App Introduces an Event Feature

The League is a dating app that's technically only available across a few cities in America for a very select clientele. Their select clientele is screened and they currently have 100,000 people on their waiting list. It's completely unbelievable and is the reason that The League is often thought to be snobby and elitist, but their latest feature will allow their users to at least be a little less picky.

Events have been planned by The League staff in the past, but they were never a great thing. Events can be useful though and can allow more people to get to know each other easier, but when they were organised by the staff, there might not have been as much variety. Now that users can organise the events, they could be anything from a wine tasting event to some sort of group hike if you're all into walking. These aren't events to encourage friendships, but more to making first dates and meetings less awkward. When it comes to meeting someone for a first time it can be awkward, so it makes sense, especially considering they want to be like a members only club rather than an elitist service. They want their users to be comfortable and to be able to arrange events to do with shared interests rather than just doing something that they feel they should do.

As well as this the founder, Amanda Bradford, would like to point out the screening feature is just there to prevent spam accounts. All they do is check out a users Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. There may still be a little unfairness as they do look for professionals and possible members with the passion and drive that they're after. But in some ways, that's not really all that surprising. There are a lot of different niche dating apps out there, provided The League admit that they're only for professionals, it won't seem so bad as they aren't claiming it's for everyone and then denying people who aren't seen as good enough. The League can be a members only club with a killer dating scene if they want, but that needs to be obvious.

If you're curious and live in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles then you can apply to join as the app is currently free. It might not be free forever as they would like to introduce a membership fee, but there's no date as to when that fee would come in.

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