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Spaces is Google's Next Attempt at Social

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After the failure that is Google+, it's surprising to see that Google are introducing a new app even as Google+ is still struggling in the background. Google Spaces is an app that will allow users to share things from Chrome, YouTube and Search.

Spaces is a lightweight app that is being compared to Messenger and WhatsApp as it's mobile friendly. It encourages users to chat and to share things that they want others to see. In a way it looks like it's working as Google+ was supposed to. One of the great things about Google+ is the easy sharing and the way it shows on users pages and though Spaces doesn't work in exactly the same way, it is very similar. This could be Google's attempt to try to get Google+ back on track, but it could also be proof that they're moving onto something else instead.

The great thing about Spaces is that if you click on a link, it does open within the app. Aside from Facebook, this is very different from the other social media apps like this. As this is a Google product it does explain how they can do this so easily. Google Search can already provide previews of pages and this just takes it another step further. This is going to make it more tempting to new users and it can be great for social groups.

You can easily create spaces for many different reasons and then invite users to join your spaces via messaging, email or through other social networks. When you're inside a space then you can tap buttons to share links and images to your chatroom. It's a neat and definitely a good way to handle the group aspect of social media. If you're planning something with someone or have a group of friends with a similar interest to you then it might be a good idea so you can all keep up with what's going on with this topic right now.

To introduce Spaces, Google are making spaces for each of the sessions at their developer conference this week. This will be the first reveal of what the app can do as the app isn't actually available yet, but it should be available soon.

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