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Snapchat Partners with NBC for Olympic Highlights

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With the Rio Olympics hitting our screens this year, we have all the highlights to look forward to. Even if you don't want to watch the entirety of any of the competitions you can still watch the biggest and best events after they've happened. In the USA, it's NBC that air these highlights, but now Snapchat has made a deal with NBC that will allow them to share the highlights of the games in their Discover section.

Snapchat already has deals with the NFL and MLB, but this deal will be different. Whereas the other deals mean that they can share behind the scenes footage, this is the first deal that will allow them to share actual sports footage. This could be an ideal arrangement as Snapchat can highlight that their app is good for sharing more professional videos than those which they are known for. There are a lot of teenagers who enjoy sports, but the coverage available often isn't convenient to them. Sometimes it can be easier just to watch the highlights so they can talk about them with their mates, but don't have to sit through the whole thing and risk missing out on prime social time. This deal takes Snapchat from just being an opportunity to get closer to your favorite sports to being a service that could replace the need to watch sports on TV.

The Olympics is going to be the biggest sporting event of the year and it's going to be one that people all over the world are watching. Because of this NBC's deal with Snapchat is not exclusive and they're looking into making similar deals with Twitter and Facebook. These deals mean that a wide variety of social media users will be able to find and watch these highlights easily.

What is interesting is that they picked Snapchat to be one of their distribution channels. It is a huge service with a fast-growing user base, but it's still not a service you'd think to catch sports highlights on as you can't respond to them in the same way as you can on other platforms. However Snapchat did need to find a new way to make money and the advertising opportunities that could come from this could be a big reason as to why it was deemed a good idea.

It appears that you're not going to be able to miss the Olympics this year because no matter where you go, it will be on social media. Hopefully Snapchat's inclusion of the highlights will help encourage more teenagers to engage in the events, even if they aren't interested in sitting and watching them all day.

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