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Fullers Trade Free Pints for London Pride on Twitter

If you ever thought that London Pride was a somewhat exaggerated name for a beer, you've never read their history. The Griffin Brewery in Chiswick, on the bank of the Thames, where Fuller's first set up shop has been there since 1654. They've been brewing London Pride there since the 1950s. It's brewed from a flower which was given the same name after it was seen flourishing in bombed out areas during the blitz, turning it into a symbol of the city's resilience. Taking all that into consideration, there's certainly some weight to their claim that it's "London's beer".

Times have unquestionably moved on since then though, and it's not enough to have a time-tested, iconic product anymore, you have to map it to modern trends. In this case, Fuller's have elected to get Twitter involved. It's part of their "Made of London" campaign, which chiefly involves billboards featuring different images of Thames at different times of day. In particular, Fuller's are planning a complete takeover of Waterloo station.

The Twitter element comes in like so - from the 4th of May, the official Twitter will be running hour long stretches during which people are encouraged to share "perfect London Pride moments", and in so doing they'll be given a voucher for a free pint. Seemingly, they're after photos more than text for this. This isn't the first time they've used Twitter; The Corner, their advertising client, have done 4 others with them in the past.

The #DropOfPride campaign saw them posing questions about the beer to local businesses, with the best answer receiving a free bulk delivery. #140characters took inspiration from Humans of New York, featuring images of 140 London residents with their first name, profession, and sometimes a short quote. They have offered free pints this way twice in the past as well, once under the #EmptyPint banner and once as #TweetAt12. In the former case, you had to tweet an image of an empty pint glass (a Fuller's one, mind), and in turn you'd receive a voucher for a refill. In the latter, anyone who @ tagged the official Twitter between noon and 12 minutes past would get the same thing.

It's obviously a motif they're keen to keep rolling with and Twitter has always been a good place to encourage people with rewards. Far too many companies fall into the trap of developing Twitter campaigns which in no way benefit users beyond a retweet, something which Fuller's have managed to completely sidestep here.

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