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YouTube Enhances 360° Video with SnoopaVision

The funny thing about YouTube's April Fools pranks is that they always turn out to be kind of real. Last year saw the Sandstorm button, in 2014 there was the viral video video, 2012 had the YouTube DVD collection and 2011 saw the 1911 button. A rather impressive amount of work has gone into all these, but this might be the most impressive yet, largely because it features 100% more Snoop Dogg.

360° video is pretty commonplace now, there are thousands of videos featuring it, but how many of them are also in SnoopaVision? In an undeniably slick 'making of' feature, the YouTube team (and Snoop himself) discuss the development of the technology, which basically expands 360 video to include Snoop sat there watching the video along with you, and who doesn't want that?

Every video on YouTube now features a little Snoop button, but sadly the effect is only applicable to a handful of videos, pressing it on any other just links you to the announcement post. With the chosen videos, though, you get to see Snoop and a few friends sat watching and reacting to the video, with featured ones including the slo-mo guys giant water balloon, the footage of a gorilla cracking the glass of his enclosure and Schmoyoho's Double Rainbow Song. As an added bonus, Snoop has a unique sign-off for each video, with my favourite being "Dre has Beats, Jay has Tidal, Kanye has himself and Snoop has SnoopaVision."

As an added, added bonus, in the Double Rainbow one, the actual guy is sat next to him watching it, clad in a characteristically ridiculous outfit, brandishing a rainbow flag. With the Larry King video, they somehow managed to shatter the laws of space and time in such a way that not 1, but 5 Snoops are all watching the video at the same time. Presumably YouTube are now in talks with NASA about how to implement this technology in the future.

Most, if not all of the videos are the kind of thing you'd legitimately expect people to watch while high, and I'm not saying that it factored into their selection, but... Actually that's exactly what I'm saying. Snoop Dogg is on his way to basically being YouTube's top spokesman, he already runs an interview/news show, and Jimmy Kimmel's series of videos featuring him narrating clips from Planet Earth have spawned a full-blown, Snoop-fronted nature program - Planet Snoop. It's basically exactly the same, but it aired on his social network - Merry Jane.

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