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Vine's New Back-to-Back Video Playlists Arrive

Some people who like to sit and watch Vines like to sit there for a long time going through them all and until recently that's always been a little awkward. When done with one video, you then had to scroll to the next, but now Vine are introducing a watch button to accounts and channels. This button will allow you to watch videos back to back, with no unnecessary scrolling.

This update moves Vine even closer towards being an entertainment platform more than a social media service. Of course this is to be expected because at it's heart Vine is a video platform, just one that is totally different to services like YouTube. This new button, however, allows the app to behave more like YouTube's app by essentially making user's channels into mini playlists.


This might still seem unusual to the many users who like using the looping feature. You can still loop a video a few times by holding the video down but it won't do so automatically anymore. This is going to make watching some videos odd because some of them are made to be looped and many people will either not know how to make them loop again or will forget at first.

You can't deny that it was a smart idea for Vine though. When you first discover a channel, this makes it easier to watch all of their videos in one sitting. If all their videos follow one theme then it could even make them more entertaining. This could also quell the need for people to make compilation videos and post them on YouTube because they can have these little continuous playlists on their own channel.

In a way this is somewhat like Snapchat's recent update in that Stories now play continuously whether you want them to or not. When it comes to entertaining vines, that isn't going to be so annoying, but it does look like watching the entire channel might be a choice. The watch button has been introduced but there's nothing to say that you need to utilise it, though we can't be certain about that.

Either way Twitter have made another right move with Vine and I hope they have plenty more to come.

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