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Verified Smiths Twitter Account Causes Fans to Cry Comeback


Morrissey has been left to put out the hype flames fanned by the arrival of an official, verified Twitter account for The Smiths. The band split up in 1987, with the official story being that Johnny Marr left to pursue other projects by himself, and his replacement, Ivor Perry, never really fit in with the band's structure.

There have been almost perpetual rumors of a reunion since then, but Morrissey and Marr have barely been in the same room in that time, let alone played together. It's fair to say that many people have now come to accept that The Smiths were a brilliant band with a characteristically short life expectancy. The brightest star, and all that.

Speaking personally on the matter, Morrissey at one point said he would rather "eat [his] own testicles" than bring the band back, which, he goes on to point out, is an even stronger statement when you remember that he's a vegetarian. Marr, meanwhile, has been on record as saying that a reformation is "impossible".

Still, even the slightest evidence to the contrary is usually enough to get some people salivating, so the emergence of a verified Twitter account was a big deal almost immediately. As it turns out, the page was set up by Warner as a celebration of "the history and the music of The Smiths." Morrissey himself stated through a proxy on the site True to You that he'd had nothing to do with the page at all.

It seems to have more to do with the upcoming 30 year anniversary of their landmark third album, The Queen is Dead. It was released in June of '86, and an exhibition is being held in Salford to honor the date, which unlike the Twitter page, has been signed off on by both Morrissey and Marr. Johnny Marr is quite active on Twitter, as are other former bandmates Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. Morrissey, meanwhile, got an account in 2014 and posted a grand total of 2 tweets. The account is effectively derelict now.

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