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U.S Digital Marketing Corner Dominated by Google and Facebook

It comes as no surprise that Google and Facebook Inc. are veritably cornering the market when it comes to digital advertising.

Just jumping online, one can hardly wade through the internet without the help of Google, complete with a personal profile, email and plethora of standard services. Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser (competing with the likes of Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox), leading the pack with 31.8% of the internet market share. Google has its roots in YouTube, which averages something like 4 billion views a day, multiple blogs, and the popular messaging app Hangouts. Needless to say, Google has its hands in every imaginable crevice of the internet, and is using its massive empire to market and advertise on every channel.

Likewise, Facebook dominates the social media world with nearly 1 billion people logging on daily. It has evolved from a simple, profile-driven site to include a customizable Newsfeed that links users to news/stories, videos, and links that correspond to unique interests. It currently boasts 8 billion average daily video views, each of which offers a new advertising opportunity. Currently, it rewards top video curators by sharing with them a portion of its ad revenue. With the social aspect of personal profiles, free marketing for business profiles, and the fleeting amusement in fake profiles, Facebook is an integral part of having an internet presence.

With so much pull, Google and Facebook hold the largest shares of the $59.6 billion revenue from U.S. digital marketing ads in 2015. Jointly, the companies command 64% of the sum with Google collecting $30 billion and Facebook $8 billion.

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  1. Cool stuff! Digital marketing really dominating the world right now.


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