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Twitter Update Allows Users to Report Multiple Tweets at Once

Twitter are pretty much always in the news over their abilities to tackle abuse. The social media service is unfortunately still rife with issues and Twitter are still trying to find some sort of way to handle it all. Whenever they do there are always complaints that they're either being unfair or they aren't doing it right. The most recent update, which will allow users to report multiple tweets at once, will hopefully not have those problems.

This update will allow users to provide more information on the abuse that they're reporting. If there was an offensive conversation or one that seemed threatening then you can share everything they said to you. In the past you would have had to report every single tweet or just choose the worst one. The result may have been that the user was eventually forced to go through all their tweets and delete anything that would have gotten them in trouble, but that was never something that you could be certain would happen. This meant that not only could users risk the trolls not being reported, but it also meant that one tweet could be taken out of context and reported for no reason.

Being able to report multiple tweets should also help stop users who don't deserve to be reported from being blocked. If a user has multiple reports over multiple things they've said, then they have probably done something wrong. But if it was just one tweet that people didn't like? There's going to be less information and hopefully less of a problem.

This still isn't a perfect fix, but it does allow Twitter to collect a lot more evidence. They still encourage users to pop onto the safety center and read the terms and conditions so you can see what is considered abusive and what's not, but things can still slip through the cracks. There is no possible way for Twitter for filter out all the abuse, but this is a clear step in the right direction.

Twitter's latest update is being rolled out across iOS, Android and the browser service over the next few weeks.

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