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Twitter has Added a 'Send In Message" Button to Tweets

Most messaging apps are just there for people to send text, they have additional features like stickers and sometimes mini-games to make them more appealing but they're still essentially free text messages. Twitter's Direct Messaging or DM's has always been like that. Though in the last year Twitter have slowly been making changes, such as increasing the character count to 10,000. Now they're giving people the chance to send people tweets they want them to see directly through a message.

I know it doesn't sound like much but it does encourage people to interact more. The longer character count means messages could be more meaningful and contain more content. Twitter hope that this will encourage users to use both messaging and the timeline more as they just have to click a button on the tweet and send it. An example of this could be that someone asks a question or explains something via a link or an image and then you send it to someone else to get their opinion. You could also use this if you see someone stealing someone else's graphic or tweet and you want to let the original user know. You just send them the link and then they can handle it. All these uses however are very much just there to encourage social interaction between users.

This isn't much of a surprise as Twitter were recently discussing bringing messaging into a separate app. That might not work quite as well as few people actually use Twitter messages for long conversations, but encouraging people to switch between the timeline and sending DM's is a good idea. 

Some people are wondering if this is Twitter's attempt to become more like Snapchat. It isn't really, as they aren't offering anything similar to Snapchat but it is a way for them to become more user accessible. Twitter need more users to return to their service and to do that they need to add new services but not any too vastly different as to alienate people who haven't been around for a while.

Twitter's changes have been very hit and miss recently but I don't think this is one that could do them any damage. However, because of that it might also make no difference at all. It's been introduced on both Android and iOS devices.

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