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Tumblr Users Sharing Shoplifting Hauls and Tips

Whenever I see something about crime on social media I think, surely people can't be that stupid? If you share your crimes on social media then you're bound to get caught but some people don't see it that way. Shoplifters have been sharing their hauls and tips on Tumblr, often claiming to be RP (role-play) blogs if not admitting they're lifters.

Now as someone who actually does RP on Tumblr this kind of annoys me. These thieves are pretending that they don't really do this in the hope that they won't get caught. Tumblr has a sense of anonymity to it anyway as people have user names and don't have to share their real names or selfies. This does put them slightly less at risk of being caught but it doesn't protect them all together. People have been known to delete their Tumblr accounts after work colleagues have found them because of what they post, shoplifters also face this risk and I'm not sure many of them realise this.

You do have to wonder why they do it. Some of them may be kleptomaniacs, people with an actual problem or an addiction to stealing. These are people who might be asking for help because a lot of the time this sort of lifter would hide their hauls in shame. These aren't the people you should judge, instead you should try and encourage them to seek professional help. For other people this is something they're proud of, something that gives them a thrill and that they like to do but they can stop. What's sad about these people is that they don't need any of this stuff but they'll take it anyway. They might take anything from expensive make up to bags upon bags of sweets. Of course some of these things are easier to take than others due to some shops not putting security tags on anything below a certain price, but this doesn't mean that none of these lifters are getting caught. One person lost their job because of their lifting and when they posted about it on Tumblr they only received support.

So why are people sharing this stuff? It's because they've found a sense of community in something that in the past people would judge them for. No one wants to be in a shop with their shoplifter friend in case they get caught and banned because then you could get in trouble too. But with these blogs you can share what you've taken, you can share advice and stories of near misses. Of course there are some people who say things like don't reblog my haul pictures as I don't want to get caught. The simple response to that is don't post them then. But you can't stop them and you can't even report these blogs as technically they're not breaking any terms and conditions. It's hard to know what to think because it's near impossible to tell who is doing it because of an addiction and who is doing it just because they can.


Unfortunately this is just one example of how social media like Tumblr can go wrong and sometimes you do have to remind yourself that there are good things going on there as well. It's just right now it's hard to do anything but wonder why.

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