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Tinderla Rasa - Palaround Offer a General Purpose Tinder-Style Swiping App

If the Tinder sensation has proved anything, it's not that app-based dating is the way forward, but that the 'swiping' app format has a massive amount of potential above and beyond dating. It's been used for everything from finding work to renting property, but seemingly the most popular use for new companies adopting the format is friend-finding.

Palaround began life as one such platform, but in the wake of an increasingly over-saturated market, they decided to go a different route - a blank swiping app which can be fitted to any purpose the user desires.

It's aimed at companies, rather than individuals, for reasons that should be obvious, but could easily extend to other group-based concerns like festivals, forums or clubs. It's just preference matching, effectively, which could be applied to just about any context which is predicated on supply and demand, or mutual interest.

There are a number of different features besides the basic framework which you can add on, including a chat function (single and group), one-tap Facebook registration, quizzes, personality tests and an algorithm to help prioritise different profile factors when matching.

Supposedly, setting up the app can be done in a matter of minutes, and the algorithms become more refined with more widespread use. Price wise, there are currently two tiers: 'starter' ($29 p/m) and 'business' ($99 p/m), but that's likely to change in the near future to include broader options, as well as different ranges of features depending on your subscription level. It's still technically in beta, but 50 companies have already signed up to test it out, which is very promising.

It's an excellent premise, but there is a certain danger that, if it takes off, we'll end up drowning in swiping apps, barely able to tell the difference between them, barring the label. For the time being, though, it will be interesting to see what kind of ideas germinated from this new open-source swiping skeleton.

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