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The Final Oregon Occupier has Revived his YouTube Feed from Prison

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It's hard to forget that a few months back, a nature reserve in Oregon was occupied by a heavily armed 'militia' on behalf of a man who had been arrested for burning a small section of land. Said man, incidentally, wanted nothing to do with these people. Before long it stopped being about that (or even pretending to be about that) and turned into a bizarre statement of principle.

One by one, the occupiers relented, until there were only 3 left, one of whom was David Fry. Fry is a peculiar man, his favoured hashtags include #HitlerWasRight and #Pray4ISIS, and throughout most of his stay at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, he requested things like weed and pizza, taunted the authorities and released a seemingly endless stream of ranting videos on the DefendTheBase YouTube channel.

He gave himself up on February 11th, but oddly, he carried on posting videos even after that, from jail. To do this, he's been phoning up his supporters so that they can record and upload his thoughts. Said thoughts range from Bible quotes and denouncements of the Easter holiday tradition to digs at the FBI and complaints about the condition of his holdings. He's also trying to convince people that he should be released pre-trial, that he doesn't pose a threat to anyone and that he's done nothing wrong.

Fry claims that he had to go to Oregon for the sake of his own salvation, and that he'd been guided there by a disembodied "female voice". He describes himself as a "faithful watchman". Fry has a history of mental health issues, going back to his first arrest at age 18, following his flight from a mandated 72-hour stay in a hospital. He later attempted to hang himself in his cell, allegedly. He also threatened to kill himself during a video feed shortly before giving himself up, but it's unclear just how likely that outcome actually was.

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