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Teens are Not Abandoning Facebook After All

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The general consensus these days tends to be that teenagers don't use Facebook, that they use Snapchat or Instagram instead and the fact is, that isn't true. As more apps and services appear, there are more things for people to explore and use but teenagers tend to pick up these trends more easily and incorporate them into their day. However this doesn't mean they don't use the older services like Twitter or Facebook, they just don't focus on these services.

A recent report by ComScore has shown that teenagers still use Facebook more than any other social media service and why wouldn't they? You can play addictive games, you can share things easily, Messenger means you can message people for free as long as you have wi-fi or data and you can easily plan events. Facebook still has a lot of uses that people like to incorporate in their everyday life and teenagers will use them too. They may also share pictures, post statuses and everything else everyone does on there but they probably just spend a short amount of time on there checking things out, not hours at time as some older people may like to do.


Reports suggest that teenagers probably only spend around an hour and forty minutes a day on sites like Facebook and that won't all be in one go. It'll be teenagers popping on there to check stuff after an event or just taking a look to see what's going on with their friends when they're bored from their phone. Admittedly, when you see how long teenagers spend on sites like Tumblr, and consider the fact that teenagers will be on and off Snapchat all day, it does make it look like they don’t really care about Facebook. This is not the case; Facebook does still have its uses among teenagers, it's just that it is now used alongside other platforms. 

So if you see someone saying Facebook is just for old people, or if they claim that you need to keep up with the times for suggesting otherwise, then they're wrong. Facebook is still the most used social media service for every age range and that's great. It allows users to connect with friends and families of all ages and since people can't create an account until they're 13, it makes it more tempting as it wasn't something they could use before. You'll still find that your young family members want on the site and when it's new, they'll definitely spend a lot of time on it, so Facebook isn't becoming limited to a certain age range just yet.

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