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#SongbirdStories: The Rest from the Nest of #SocialMedia

We have a very special, if somewhat shorter, edition of our Songbird Stories feature this week, as this marks our 3000th article! Thanks to all our readers for your continued support.

Anyway, you're not here for that, so let's crack on with the news you came here for.

#PoutForPage Pays Tribute to Tragic Loss of Teen

The family of Paige Doherty, the 15-year-old schoolgirl found deceased in Clydebank just 2 days after going missing on March 19th, have started a touching yet heartbreaking tribute campaign to honour their lost daughter. Started by Paige's mother, Pamela Munro, the #PoutForPage hashtag is encouraging friends, relatives and well-wishers to strike the pose to pay tribute to Paige and to keep her memory alive.

Since its conception the hashtag has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, with various celebrities, including Amy Childs, Chantelle Connelly and even Nicola Sturgeon, joining the cause. It truly is inspiring to see, in the wake of such tragedy, how one life can touch many.

Snapchat to Buy Bitstrips?

Bitstrips, the Toronto-based company behind the popular Bitmoji app which lets users create their own personalised emoji, is rumoured to have garnered some serious interest from Snapchat. According to Fortune's Dan Primack, who first reported the news, Snapchat are in talks to buy out Bitstrips for a sum "in the ballpark of $100 million".

The acquisition would make sense, in my opinion, as filters and emoji are already widely used within the app. Allowing users to create their own will add an extra creative element that should go over well with Snapchat's predominantly millennial user base. However, neither company has issued a statement regarding the deal as yet, so we will just have to wait and see for now.

YouTube Implement 'Wi-Fi Only' Toggle for Music App

The YouTube Music app, which can be used either for free or in conjunction with YouTube Red in order to avoid adverts, has been given an important update with the addition of a 'Wi-Fi only' toggle. This means no more inadvertently maxing out on your data or running up extra charges. It may only be a small update, but certainly a useful one.

Facebook Launch Web App for Blackberry

With Facebook's recent decision to pull their native apps from Blackberry devices, many, including us, thought this was a sign of Facebook cutting ties, not considering the Blackberry user-base worth their time. Well it turns out we were only half right. While the native apps for both Facebook and WhatsApp are well and truly gone, with little prospect of reappearing, Facebook have launched a dedicated web app in order to somewhat improve the user experience. It still seems largely un clear exactly how the web app differs from the standard website, but Blackberry have stated that the web app includes features that were unavailable even on the old native app.

The Sun's Questionable 'Cleavage Competition' Hijacked by Male Users

What The Sun asked for (Right) and what they got (left) - UniLad
If you're going to run a cleavage competition in 2016, well, just don't. Somebody clearly missed that memo over at The Sun, unfortunately, and they went ahead with it anyway, prompting an unexpected response from an army of trolls. Rather than getting irate and lambasting the publication, they made their opinion known in a more humourous manner by flooding the contest with pictures of topless males pushing their chests together to create their own cleavage. Something tells me that's not exactly what The Sun were hoping for, but hopefully it will serve as a wake-up call.

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