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Profusical - A LinkedIn-Style Professional Network for Musicians

The City String Ensemble (via. Profusical)
One of the things that lets LinkedIn down somewhat is that it's far better suited to certain kinds of work. If you're doing most kinds of office work, it's a great networking tool, or if you're a tradesman of some sort, or an educator. If you're a creative, it's probably not going to be of much use. Creative pursuits have their own form of networking, and LinkedIn isn't really structurally suited for it, since so much of it revolves around the exposure and exchange of content, rather than credentials and referrals.

This is particularly true if you're any kind of musician, and as it stands, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube remain the most useful social networks for that. While they all have their benefits, they are far from perfect. The idea of setting up a dedicated network for musicians is an attractive one, and there have been attempts in the past, like fleeber and Melody Fusion, but nothing has ever really gained enough momentum to start being recognised as a viable alternative to the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube four-pronged approach.

I was tempted to end that paragraph with 'until now', but I'm neither a movie trailer narrator, nor am I certain that Profusical will be the one to buck that trend. I'd say it certainly stands a decent chance. Billed from the ground up as a "platform for musicians to enhance their careers online", it allows musicians to create an online portfolio, regardless of affiliations or experience level, which others can then sift through. That way, if you're looking for a collaborator, somebody to bring on to an ongoing project, a session musician or whatever else, you know where to look and what to expect.

If you visit an artist page, you get a set of tabs - Activity, Profile, Friends, Forums, Events and Media. Most of those are fairly self-explanatory, and it's the last that's the most important. Media itself is split into subsections - Albums, Photos, Videos and Music. From there, you can browse through everything they have online, and in the case of videos and music, play it using an internal media player.

At present, it seems to be most directly aimed at jazz and classical musicians, as they are in many ways more alienated by the current trends of promotion and sharing than any other kind of musician. It's difficult at this stage to say exactly how fast the service is growing, but there's no denying that the format works, and that there's a lot of potential.

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