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Parenting App Bloom Adds Craigslist-Style Trading

Why is it that some people will get a dog before having children? Dogs serve as a precursor, a test of whether a person is emotionally prepared for the demands they should expect. A dog requires investments of time, attention, care, love, and money all of which translate directly into parenthood.
The Stay at Homer

Once a person has decided to take up the permanent position of Parent, there's no turning back. Luckily though, apps like bloom are making it a little easier to excel at that occupation. 

Created by former Microsoft and RealNetworks engineer Manuj Bahl, bloom's main function is that of a social network where parents can discuss topics with other parents or request/convey advice. Additionally, the app encourages users to record interesting tidbits when expecting - kick counter, contractions timer, and body statistics - and finishes off with a list of resources. The newest add-on to this invaluable resource, now 14,000 users strong, is a marketplace where parents can buy, sell, or trade used items

Dubbed the marketplace, it is split into three categories: offers, requests, and services. Looking for a new crib? Post to the requests category and wait for the results, or scope out the offers listed. Thanks to the user-centric nature of the app, interested parties can ask questions about the product and expect genuine answers. In setting up the marketplace, bloom has eliminated the stress of scouring the web for the right item, reading through countless reviews, and has given interested parties the option to ask pertinent questions about the product.


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