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One Million Users Access Facebook Through Tor

It's been two years since Facebook announced an association with Tor. A connection that to some others could still seem strange, but one that Facebook has found very helpful. The Onion Router, or Tor as it's more commonly known, is a proxy server that allows user anonymity. If you browse through Tor, then people cannot track your I.P address and that's great if you appreciate your privacy or can't access Facebook in your country. Since it became possible for Android users to be able to browse the Facebook app on their phones privately back in January, the user figures have increased.

The many options that Facebook have introduced which allow users to browse Facebook through Tor have been grabbed onto by many users. It might seem a little pointless as Facebook isn't known to be hugely secure and is easily hacked into, but people seem to believe they'll be safe if they use Tor. If this is the case for most of the users then maybe the Facebook and Tor association made more sense than people actually realised. Maybe it's just a way to keep their more paranoid users happy even if everyone else's data isn't all that secure. Of course, Facebook has been working on the security of their main services as well, but it still makes sense that some users crave an extra layer of security.

Back in June 2015 only around 525,000 people accessed Facebook through Tor daily. The number since then has been growing steadily to the point that in April 2016, the number of daily users finally exceeded one million. That is a huge amount of users and it also shows how many users feel the need to gain extra privacy. There's no data on how many of these users are in countries like China and how many of them are in countries where accessing Facebook is deemed acceptable/lawful. You do have to wonder what type of thing you'd find though, is it possible that more people are accessing this proxy server when they don't need to, and if so, why? Do they feel they need to access such a public site privately when anything they do on there could be seen by just anyone or is it so they can stalk and feel like they won't be caught?

No matter users reasoning for accessing Facebook through Tor, it's obvious that they appreciate this attempt at privacy and they'll keep attempting to provide feedback. 

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