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On His Final Night in the NBA, Kobe Bryant Broke Twitter and Flea Broke the National Anthem

Kobe Bryant's last ever game was always going to be a massive deal, in every possible way. Even before the game, people were bracing for impact, with two NFL teams (the LA Rams and the Tennessee Titans) even waiting to break a massive trade story until after the game so as not to interfere with/be overshadowed by it.

What nobody could have predicted was the impact it had on the LA Lakers Twitter account. While everyone was busy being transfixed by his storming final performance as an NBA basketball player, the Lakers account quietly vanished, in the midst of platform-wide disruptions. Whether or not Twitter was on the fritz at large because of Kobe is unclear, but it's pretty self evident that the Lakers page went down because of him.

The team's alternate account officially announced the outage at 9pm, some ways into the second half. As it happens though, Kobe's final hour wasn't the only thing that had people talking. Before the game had even started, Flea stepped onto the court to offer up his rendition of the American national anthem. If you know anything about Flea, you know he's not a singer, he's a bass player. As such, this version of the famed song was performed entirely on his bass guitar, with the help of only an amp and an effects pedal.

Now, I've listened to it a few times, and I've come to realise that I actually quite like it. The fuzz coming from the pedal is a bit jarring, and I imagine it probably sounded a bit less baked in reverb if you were actually hearing it live, but overall I actually think the way he plays around with the original melody is really inventive. It seems like most people don't agree with me.

The performance got a pretty frosty reception online, with many claiming it to be the worst rendition of The Star Spangled Banner they had ever heard. Besides these two rather disparate happenings, a game of basketball did actually break out at one point, which saw the Lakers beat Utah Jazz by a 5 point margin, and 60 of those points were scored by Kobe, who could expect anything less?

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