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News Service Reddit Release Official App

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Pretty much anyone who has ever been on the internet has heard of Reddit. Heralded as a social news site, it's filled with random pictures and posts organised into different sections along with various news articles and AMA threads where people can ask famous people questions. Only this hugely popular site didn't have an official app until recently. The closest they had was a third party app, Alien Blue, which they acquired in 2014 only to realise  that if they really wanted to make an app official, they might as well make one from scratch.

That is exactly what they have now done. It's a pretty neat looking app and one that you don't need an account to use. I had a look around the app and it's easy to navigate as the app uses a neater layout than the actual site. The main articles are all laid out in a neat screen, the fonts clean and the page isn't too crowded. You can disable preview images in the settings, you can choose whether to blur NSFW images or not and you can even view the app in night mode. If you want to click through the different topics then tap the Reddit logo to scroll through the different subreddits. I probably wouldn't suggest getting the app to try out Reddit's service if you haven't before, but if you're a regular user then it's probably a great idea.

Of course the app is still in it's early stages so it still has its problems. Right now if you click any of the articles that link you to other sites like Imgur within the app then it will load slowly. This isn't great if you're only surfing on Reddit quickly just for something to do. Of course slow loading of unrelated services isn't exactly uncommon but it's still an annoyance when a lot of people do post links elsewhere.

When you're logged in you can still comment and upvote topics as well as posting your own. If you want to use it regularly then the speed is generally decent and it is all you need in a Reddit app. It's a good thing that there is finally an official app for Reddit because so many people use it and there are so many third party apps that it's hard to know which to trust.

The Reddit app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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