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Netflix Uses Hashtags to Make Billboards Fight to Promote Daredevil

The second season of Daredevil has been available on Netflix for a couple of weeks now, but the promotional content is still rolling in. Most of the advertising is entirely digital, but it does extend to bus ads and billboards, some of which are capable of attacking each other.

The Billboards in question were set up in Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, one for the show itself and then three more for separate characters - Daredevil himself, Punisher and Elekra. Each character has their own hashtag (just the name in block caps), and fans are encouraged to 'Join the Fight' by tweeting the hashtag for the character they're backing. At the end of each 48 hour 'round', the character who accumulated the most mentions 'attacks' the other two, prompting the billboards to be updated to look more ravaged.

The boards aren't digital, so the damage is painted over the top, with some of the elements actually coming out of the poster. Punisher, for instance, has a blade sticking out of his billboard now. The trouble is, there's nothing to mark the distinction between someone using the hashtags to join the fight, and someone just using them, and since plenty of people are talking about Daredevil anyway, it seems like the odds are stacked somewhat unevenly in his favour.

Gaping oversights aside, it's an interesting idea, and a great way to get fans to use promotional material actively. One imagines that it's also confused the hell out of a lot of Toronto residents, many of them likely under the impression that the billboards are being vandalised in a very context-sensitive way.

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