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Periscope and Major League Baseball are Enjoying a Good Partnership

Last year if you'd have asked the head of Major League Baseball what he thought of Periscope then he wouldn't have sounded very impressed. As far as they knew, people would use Periscope to broadcast entire games and they would lose money. But since then, the key players organising Major League Baseball have realised that Periscope is never going to take over people watching the game on TV but that it is something they could use to their advantage.


The heads of Major League Baseball realised that they could utilise Periscope to their advantage at just the right time. Periscope only announced a deal with GoPro earlier this year which could make sports games a lot easier to cover without necessarily sharing shots in the same way as people will see on TV. They realised that they could actually use that to their advantage and build anticipation for the game by getting various teams to embrace Periscope.

So what have they done and what are they doing? Well they've done Q&A sessions, streamed mascots, batting cages and other various drills. These are all things that you wouldn't get to see on TV and before would only see online if an individual shared a snippet. Because of this fans can feel even closer to their favourite teams and that might actually encourage people to pay out more. You're more likely to want to see a team play if you know you like the players as well as like them winning. You're also more likely to be willing to spend a lot of money on a shirt if it has your favourite team member's name on and through these Periscope streams, fans can get to know the individuals better. These streams also allow fans to be social in a way they couldn't have been before. It would have been a stupid thing to do if Major League Baseball had essentially banned Periscope from the sport completely.

This doesn't mean they encourage everything though. There are people who will simply stream the game from their television and this technically is illegal. When Twitter or Major League Baseball comes across these streams they do delete them. It might seem entertaining to hear people's commentary on a game, I mean Gogglebox is a popular show for a reason, but you're not technically allowed to share a whole game or show without permission. If you somehow stumble across one of those streams whilst looking for Baseball then you should probably report it and move on.

It's a good thing that Major League Baseball and Twitter have made this deal for Periscope. And it would be a good idea if other sports decided to emulate this too, especially the more popular sports. After all, if you want people to care about your team winning then you need to make them actually care about the team first. It's also good for Periscope who need to really stand on their own whilst still being considered a vital part of Twitter. For Twitter to become a strong company again then they need to highlight all the good of their various services and this is definitely one way to go about it.

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