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Lizard Squad Hack Blizzard, Brag About it on Twitter

Whenever any story emerges about Lizard Squad, it's initially hard to tell if it actually has anything to do with them. It could be other people claiming to be them, or them taking credit for something they didn't actually have anything to do with, but this one seems fairly clear cut.


On Wednesday, Blizzard's dedicated game launcher - Battle.net - went down, due to a DDoS attack, the kind Lizard Squad have become almost synonymous with. Shortly afterwards, the group jumped on Twitter to claim their involvement in the attack. That would seem a bit tenuous by itself, had it not been for the 'Get ready!' tweet they posted minutes before the attack took place.

Afterwards, they followed it up with "More to come.", but nothing has come of that claim as yet. Blizzard have since dealt with the issue, but it seems like it was pretty scattershot even to begin with, as many users reported that they were having no trouble getting onto World of Warcraft or Hearthstone. Why attack Blizzard at all, though? Nobody has managed for figure that out as yet, but theories range from outrage against the forced closure of pirate WoW servers to a recent spate of Diablo 3 account bans.

It could just be a way of highlighting the weaknesses of Battle.net's server security, in much the same way they did with Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Every now and again someone is arrested on suspicion of being a member, but they're so widespread, and so many people falsely claim to be affiliated with them that it's damn near impossible to effectively pin them down.

When you compare Lizard Squad to groups like Anonymous, it seems like they're wasting their time. Even if they are trying to highlight security issues, the Twitter bragging and general targeting seems to suggest that they're just out to annoy gamers. Hardly political or social upheaval, is it.

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