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Jeremy Corbyn Joins Instagram and Snapchat

The Guardian
With US politics, it's been a foregone conclusion that both Obama and all the politicians vying for his seat are pretty active on all social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat. British politics is different. In many cases any attempts to appeal to a younger demographic this way end up doing more damage to their credibility than anything else. If you need any evidence of that, you need only look back at David Cameron's ill-fated YouTube 'WebCam' series from the 2010 election, or any of the seemingly thousands of epic Twitter backlashes various MPs have weathered.

Clearly, Jeremy Corbyn is willing to take the risk, as his official Snapchat and Instagram accounts are now fully up and running. Thus far, it's been pretty sedate on both ends, with Corbyn simply photographically cataloging his daily doings as leader of the Labour Party, including a rather touching image of a school whiteboard taken during a recent visit. Written on it is a timetable for the day, with the 6th item, just after English, being "Jeremy".

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Meanwhile, on Snapchat, posts are characteristically more frequent, and sequential, such as his chronicling of his trip across the Mersey (yes, on a ferry, well done you, you recalled the existence of a terrible song). Some have pointed out that a few of his pictures have been posted out of order, or focus, but to me that just proves that he's exerting just as much effort on them as is necessary - not a great deal. Snapchat is a casual undertaking for everyone, regardless of whether or not they're leading a political party.

Whatever your view on his politics might be, it's hard to argue that the foundation of Corbyn's success both in the leadership content and since his victory has been the support of a younger demographic. One might argue that this is a further attempt to see eye-to-eye with them, but I think it's reductive to suggest that those people are only interested in the way he presents himself. If the testimonials from supporters are anything to go by, it's his ideas, decency, compassion, and refusal to play by the Commons rules that drew them to his corner.

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The aim with these accounts is far more likely to be accentuating the up-front, raw, personal approach he takes to the way he presents himself. Judging from his first ever Instagram post - a photo of a Tunnock's Tea Cake bearing the caption "On the road fuel - he's keeping it that way.

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