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#Instagram Videos Can Now be as Long as 60 Seconds

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We knew it wouldn't be long before users were able to post longer videos after advertisers were granted longer adverts back in February. However I half expected them to just double the length to 30 seconds which was how long old Instagram ads could be. 60 seconds means video creators can get a lot more across in what is still a very short amount of time.

Instagram have said that this time limit increase has happened because people were viewing videos more. I can't see any reason why this wouldn't be true but it is quite a leap in length in a short amount of time. It was only in February that a few companies started sharing their 60 second video ads and there were quite a few things they had to do well in case people grew bored quickly.

As it is the 15 seconds worked well because people could easily watch the videos on their phone, sometimes even without needing earphones. Now these videos are going to have to contain a sticking point within those first 15 seconds to make people want to watch the full minute. I know that's not very long compared to some YouTube videos but when you remember that a Vine is only 6 seconds long and Instagram videos were previously only 15, you do have to wonder how people are going to handle making them.

There is perhaps a solution for that though as iPhone users will also be able to make Instagram videos from multiple clips on their phone. This will make video editing a lot easier and allow for videos to look smoother after editing. The increase in length does mean that people will want better quality videos to watch and that doesn't just mean they want it to have been filmed on a good phone camera.

The clip mixing will allow for more variety as well as videos perhaps more like some Vines where the scene switches suddenly to tell more of the story. It also means that people can be more artistic with their videos which may put them on par with some of the better photography on the service.

This is only one of the steps that Instagram are planning on taking this year and both features are being rolled out on iOS first. Other devices will support the videos in the near future. This new change will probably mean that you'll be seeing more and more videos pop up in your feed.

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