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Instagram Launches New Video Channels Including Personalised Recommendations

When Instagram announced they were changing their feed from a chronological timeline to an algorithmic one, many users are incredibly upset and annoyed. Suddenly users wouldn't be able to see every single photo they posted and only their more popular media would appear in users feeds. It was frustrating and could have been deemed an actual issue. Now Instagram aren't necessarily trying to fix it, but may have come up with a way for the algorithm to seem more useful.


Instagram have been trying to push video interaction for a while now. They recently increased the possible length of videos to 60 seconds and back in January they added a video spotlight into the Instagram app. This latest update essentially just expands upon their previous spotlight idea. Whereas before there would be one theme daily with a selection of the most popular videos being added into the playlist for users to watch, Instagram have now added a few different video channels and these will change regularly with whatever is going on. At the moment you can watch a playlist of the most popular Coachella videos that will change regularly as the festival goes on, the daily spotlight and various features on certain users. All of this wouldn't be possible without being able to know what's popular and this new algorithm will help Instagram keep them organised.

As well as these features there's also a new "Videos You Might Like" channel. Again, this wouldn't be possible without Instagram being able to see the sorts of videos that you engage with the most. For instance if you don't really watch videos at all then it's going to be difficult for them to find any that you would enjoy. However there might be some sort of clue from the photo tags that you comment on or like the most. Admittedly if you don't really watch videos then this section probably isn't going to have much for you and you'll probably still by annoyed this change, but it does seem to be a step in the right direction.

All of these little video playlists contain an autoplay feature, so once you've settled down to watch the video then you won't have to do anything else. This does give you a reason to stop and pull earphones out if you're out in public, especially considering some of these videos will be a minute long now. Of course it's still a little awkward as most people still don't want to sit on Instagram on their phone watching videos. And most people do view Instagram in public so a lot of people still aren't going to be watching many videos, but this could be another way to encourage them to want to do so.

Instagram's new channels are available to view on both Android and iOS now, but only in the US.

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