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GoPro are Getting Involved in the VR Market

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When it comes to VR and 360° video it was obvious that GoPro had to get involved at some point. They already have their ties to Periscope, but now they're setting up their own platform that will allow users to share their 360° video if they've filmed them on a GoPro.

A GoPro is the essential video camera for anyone who wants to film action and the new rigs of six or sixteen cameras will make it possible for people to film those scenes in 360 degrees. If you already have six cameras, then you can just buy the camera rig separately. Of course this rig might not always be practical to use and it'll take some time before there is a huge selection videos, but GoPro want to encourage users to share them.

This has been in the works since GoPro brought French VR company Kolor who had a platform that allowed users to share and watch 360° videos online. The Kolor Eyes website now links to a page in English informing users that all profiles and videos are now on GoPro VR. The Go Pro VR address also leads to the same page. If users don't want to be involved with GoPro then they can delete their accounts, but this should open the Kolor Eyes experience up worldwide. GoPro are obviously hoping that this will encourage more users to buy their rigs so they can join in the experience. The GoPro VR site will not only showcase their users videos however, but also videos of sports events and from commercial artists.

GoPro VR will also distribute video over more than just the web. There's also an app that users will be able to download on VR headsets. The VR headsets will probably have the best experience for viewing 360° videos, but it's obvious that GoPro want as many people viewing them as possible. This is a lot more than Facebook or YouTube have attempted so far and they're likely to succeed too. 

The GoPro VR site should be accessible online, on Android and iOS from 6PM PST on March 18th.

This isn't all GoPro have planned though and they plan on announcing more about their broadcasting tools at the NAB conference this week.

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