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Google Letting People Vote for Reality TV in Asia

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When it comes to reality TV there are many ways to vote. You can text, call or install an app just for one season of a TV show. The only problem is that texting and calling are a waste of money and an app is just a waste of space on your phone. Google's latest update does away with spending money or installing an app as you simply have to 'Google' the show to register your vote.

This update is being rolled out across Asia having been trialed on Vietnam's Got Talent and The X Factor Indonesia. It's not a surprise because of the amount of people searching for the show to either catch up on what they've missed, find out the news and gossip or even to search for the information to vote. Of course this new form of voting isn't being used on it's own, the shows probably wouldn't be able to stay on air if this free form of voting was the only one used, but it will encourage more engagement. Unsurprisingly when you vote using Google you can then share your vote on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Something like this is really what Google is good for now. Yes, we'll always need search engines but the only reason most people use Google over others is because they know it's better. But if Google wants to stand out as different to the other search engines who will keep trying to improve, they need to have features that others don't. For some reason reality TV and talent shows are hugely popular across the world now so taking the fact people will search for them a lot and integrating Google with a voting system was a really smart idea.

At the moment you can only vote for a select few talent shows including the X Factor and the Asian versions of Got Talent and the Idol series. As this becomes more common place across the world then it'll probably open up to shows like I'm A Celebrity, Big Brother and the various different dance shows as well. Hopefully this will encourage viewers to share their feelings on various contestants more than they already do as it means that at least these shows are encouraging people to socialise as well as watch them.

For now we don't know when this will be rolled out outside of Asia but it does work on computers, phones and tablets.

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