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#Facebook Partnering With Women's Magazine #Glamour For #Political Discussions

With the US election looming this year, both publications and social media are ramping up their political coverage. In response to this, the women's magazine Glamour and Facebook have joined up to hold a series of town halls and discussions across the USA to get women thinking and talking about politics. These discussions will encourage text and video content that will be published on Facebook, Glamour's site and in their magazine. A lot of the discussions will be decided on trending political topics in that area on Facebook, but are focused for women.

Glamour Editor With US Senator in 2014 | Glamour
For some people this is going to seem ridiculous, but those are mostly going to be the people who don't actually read women's magazines, and think they're all filled with pointless fluff. In this day and age people are being encouraged to look more into politics, and that's certainly a good thing. As it is politics isn't really taught in schools and people have to go out of their way to do even a little bit of research. So when a mainstream service offers to point you in the right direction and provide you with a little bit of information, that's great.

For others the fact the discussion will stem from what topics are trending on Facebook seems ridiculous and almost like click bait, but politics is such a pointed discussion that it can help to know which topics people on that area to focus on, because it matters to them more. If you want people engaging in the conversation then you can't be talking a lot on matters that won't affect them so badly because they'll either zone out or not want to attend.

These events will need attendees to make what they post online not only possible but to make it educational. People need to be able to share what they want to know and if what they want to know is focused around one subject more than others, is that really such a problem?

This collaboration isn't much of a surprise really. Glamour recently added a politics column in their American magazine and has been getting different women who write about or work in politics to write segments for. It's something they'll hopefully bring to their international magazines as other countries reach election time.

These discussions will help Glamour see how this helps them produce content and if it works out well, they may use the technique again. This is also good for Facebook because it means it has a target audience to create the political content for without having to be focused on a particular political party. They've yet to say how they'll be sharing this content on Facebook but it'll probably be related to instant articles and trending topics.

There will probably be more information released closer to the time but there will be between 4-7 events in November and the discussions will feature leading political commentators and journalists. They also hope to bring in some of the political candidates themselves so these women can get their questions answered in person.

These events are going to be very important on the political spectrum and we can only hope that they'll go well.

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