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Facebook Messenger Now Allows Group Calls

Conference calls can sometimes seem like a thing of the past unless you're doing it for work reasons, but they are something that's still possible. Most people who participate in them in this day and age are likely to just be doing so on a phone or on Skype. Facebook have decided to get in on conference calling, but only as a voice feature for now.

Group calls on Messenger work the same way as a normal voice call does. All you have to do is tap the phone icon and then tap the names of the people you want to call. There is a limit to the number of people you can call, but it's not likely that you're going to talk to more than 50 people at once. Most people will probably only want to talk with around two to four people in one conversation, but the ability to talk to more could be practical. This feature could be useful if you're trying to plan something before you put it as an event and the ability to be able to speak to everyone means you won't have any of the confusion that can come from misunderstanding the text.

Facebook Messenger is apparently responsible for 10% of mobile calls made over the internet now. That's a fair few and this update is likely to encourage more users to call their friends and family over Facebook Messenger. This update could also encourage more users because unlike some services this will allow users to have these group conversations with just their vocals. They don't have to worry about looking presentable and it can just be done over their mobile phone. The only way it's really different than the average mobile phone call is that it's made over the internet so you're not using up your minutes.

The fact this has gone down so well does suggest that Facebook is well on their way to taking over mobile. Most people will still conference call on their phones, but if they have bad signal but do have wi-fi or can't use up any more minutes than this could be a good alternative.

Group calls should be available for all Facebook Messenger users on mobile now.

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