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Facebook Messenger Codes Announced

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It's not the first time that Facebook have copied Snapchat in either an attempt to be cool or to just make one of their apps more practical to use, but a lot of the time in the past, they've failed. That's because Facebook isn't run in the same way Snapchat is, but now Facebook have decided to emulate Snapchat and create QR codes that users can scan to either start chatting or add that person as a contact.

QR tags are pretty useful when it comes to chat apps but until Snapchat started using them people thought they were outdated. Admittedly they do remind me of toys you could get when you were kids, to scan bar codes and find things within them and though QR codes are different, they haven't really evolved that much. However, Snapchat managed to make QR codes cool again in a way that sticking them on the back of books couldn't and since then other chat apps have copied them, like Kik. Now it's Facebook's turn and you kind of have to wonder if this will help them. QR codes are helpful and since someone doesn't have to have a Facebook account to use Messenger, it would be good to have a way to easily find someone. But I feel like most people would still rather track someone down themselves by searching their name on Facebook first as it makes it easier to stalk them. But sometimes you do need a practical quick solution and this is one.

What will be really interesting would be if Facebook started to use the QR codes for their possible Bot Store sometime in the future as well. Just like Kik. It could also be used for things like boarding passes.

Of course this isn't the only thing Facebook are doing to improve contacting people on Messenger. Facebook accounts can, of course, have usernames and you can use them to contact people using Messenger now. So if you don't have the Messenger app on your phone or you want to get to someone straight on the Messenger site then you can type in m.me/username. You do need to know the person's username first but it does mean they can simply tell you that and they don't need to share any other information.

It seems as if Facebook is essentially trying to make messaging a little easier to use without needing to share more information but the fact is that as soon as you add them on Messenger, they'll see some of your Facebook information anyway.

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